Premade logos and what to look for

Maybe you are starting a new business venture and don’t yet have the funds for a custom design or have simply found THE perfect premade logo for your brand. Sometimes a premade logo is better than making an investment in a custom design.

Does it make sense to use a premade logo for your business, or should you invest in a custom logo or brand design from the start?

What is a well-designed logo 


Most logos will need to fit into a horizontal or square space. Vertical logos have limited usage as they are tough to use in graphics, on websites etc. 

Looks good small or large

Of course, the logo looks great when it’s nice and big. But does it still hold up as a small watermark on your images or graphics? Adjust the zoom and step back. Does it still look good when small? Is it legible and recognizable?.

A logo must be legible.

Surprisingly many people fall in love with a design you can’t read. A beautiful handwritten font does do you no good if no one can read the name. 

Simplicity wins

Are you sure you need a watercolour splash behind your logo? When it comes to logos, simplicity almost always wins. Not to say that you can’t choose a design with a cute floral element but make sure your chosen design is still legible. You may love a particular illustration, but what does it look good when the logo is tiny?

Before making a purchase you regret, make sure your chosen design checks all boxes. While it might not be necessary from the get-go, specific file formats and information are essential to building a brand for your business. 

What your premade logo should include 

At a minimum, your premade logo should include the following:

  • High-resolution JPG file (for print)
  • PNG file
  • Vector files (AI, EPS, SVG or PDF) – If you work with a professional designer or printer, you will likely be asked to supply your logo in a vector format. 
  • At least 1 round of revisions

Bonus options:

  • Font information – to maintain brand consistency
  • Alternate design (for example, a square version of the horizontal logo)
  • Additional colours – besides the standard black and white variation

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